Thank you for your support of the creative community. Now more than ever, it is essential that we as a community come together to help those in need.

If you are interested in taking on one of these pro bono assignments, please contact one of our Legal Service Coordinators at [email protected]

If you have any questions about representing a pro bono PVLA or PA Patent client, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director.

NOTE: attorneys should be sure to submit a volunteer application before signing on to take a pro bono case with PVLA.

Please see below for a list of available pro bono projects for low income artists, artist collectives, and small budget arts & cultural organizations or Download the full case listing here (PDF).


  • Case 2173 (Full Service): Client is an independent movement education instructor who seeks advice concerning (1) intellectual property protection for her courses offered online and (2) permissible use of images within said online courses.
  • Case 3149 (Full Service): Client is an independent songwriter and multimedia creator who seeks assistance with respect to (1) reviving or refiling a trademark application for his media and entertainment production services and for the sale of certain goods via his website; (2) intellectual property protection for his artist name; and (3) amendment of several music copyright registrations to remove the name of his roommate as co-author. (The co-author does not object to removal).
  • Case 9571 (Full Service): Client is a filmmaker and animator who has signed a licensing agreement from a major network for a short film documentary she helped to produce. Client, who shares the film rights with the film's director, seeks counsel to advise on how to comply with the “chain of title” conditions in the contract.
  • Case 9582 (Full Service): Client is a theatre company that produces contemporary plays from Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. Client requests legal counsel to advise on securing rights to songs used during a play performance to ensure copyright compliance, separate from the rights agreement for performance of the play script.
  • Case 9590 (Full Service): Client is an individual artist impelled by his experience as a victim of gun violence and wrongful incarceration who turned to creative self-expression as an outlet to process his experiences and as a means of helping others. Client seeks counsel regarding IP protections for, and licensing of, his multitude of creations that include films based on scripts he wrote while incarcerated.
  • Case 9665 (Full Service): Client designs and creates upcycled products by deconstructing old materials and making new, unique products. Client seeks legal advice regarding trademark issues that may arise from creating upcycled products that may contain logos or other identifying features of known brands.
  • Case 9698 (Full Service): Client is an independent composer and musicologist who completed his own reconstruction of an early twentieth-century opera following 15 years of forensic research. Client seeks legal advice regarding various infringements of these works by a major American symphony orchestra.
  • Case 9718 (Full Service): Client is an actor and filmmaker whose film is currently on an independent streaming platform. Client requests counsel on potential copyright infringement by another film streaming on various other platforms that reveals similar characters, themes, costumes, props, dialogue, and music as those in client’s film. Client is the sole owner of all rights in the film and has registered copyrights to the film and script.
  • Case 9742 (Full Service): Client is the owner of an online fashion brand seeking trademark protection for their brand name and counsel regarding possible remedies for trademark infringement.


  • Case 2735 (Full Service): Client is a Pennsylvania nonprofit community center seeking to provide music and culinary education and other arts-based programming to Philadelphia youth. Client is seeking an attorney to assist them in obtaining federal and state tax-exemption and state charity registration, and in drafting a set of nonprofit bylaws for the organization.
  • Case 1826 (Full Service): Client provides psychological assistance and education for gifted children and adults, particularly those who are artistically or creatively gifted. It is looking for an attorney to assist it in converting to a nonprofit organization from its current status as a domestic for-profit corporation whose single shareholder is the organization’s founder.
  • Case 9588 (Full Service): Client incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2022 to foster community-building and creative self-expression through inclusive, event-based, community art-making activities. Client requests assistance with completing IRS Form 1023 to obtain federal recognition as a non-profit.
  • Case 9706 (Full Service): Client is a music label/publishing company that currently focuses on recording and publishing music but plans to evolve into a multimedia company that will also market merchandise, touring, and film. Client requests legal assistance in drafting an operating agreement for the company.
  • Case 9709 (Full Service): Client is an independent musician seeking assistance with creating a non-profit based in the United States that will raise money to benefit, and organize trips to, a Peru-based cultural organization that uses music to strengthen its rural community and build bridges.


· Case 1570 (Full Service): Client is a local nonprofit symphony orchestra company located in Delaware County seeking assistance in negotiating a collective bargaining agreement with a local chapter of the American Federation of Musicians (“AFM”) union to secure involvement of union artists and performers for the upcoming 2021-22 season.

· Case 1693 (Consultation): Client is an independent musician seeking consultation with an attorney to answer questions and discuss best practices surrounding the process of negotiating publication and distribution of his music with record labels.

· Case 9569 (Full Service): Client is a start-up boutique “art mall” providing retail space and sales support services for several Philadelphia-area artists. Client seeks counsel on how to navigate the different legal relationships involved in their multi-faceted business model, including advice on artist contracts and liability issues.


  • Case 2253 (Consultation): Client is an independent musical artist and composer who is seeking consultation with an attorney to discuss options for enforcement of their rights of attribution and compensation related to a jointly authored musical composition piece that has since been incorporated into a number of performances by a local ballet company.
  • Case 1838 (Full Service): Client is a nonprofit organization that produces an annual music festival. Client purchased rights related to the festival in a 2020 agreement. A former board member of client started running a separate music festival in 2021 with a similar name, and Client is seeking counsel on the ability to use the name of the festival (along with the goodwill associated with it).
  • Case 9593 (Full Service): Client is an independent photographer seeking an attorney to assist in the recovery of damages from a major streaming service that displayed client’s photograph without authorization in a popular docuseries broadcast by the streaming service.
  • Case 9619 (Full Service): Client is an independent photographer seeking assistance pursuing a claim for copyright infringement against a well-known musician who used her photograph in a tour poster without client's authorization or compensation

Regulatory Compliance

  • Case 1736 (Full Service): Client is a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to new children’s publications promoting diverse cultural and linguistic experiences, helping to grow school libraries, and supporting teachers in their professional interests. The organization is in the process of setting up a competition to receive and review submissions of original, cultural family recipes for inclusion in a cookbook publication. Client is seeking an attorney to review the rules and guidelines for their competition to ensure compliance with state gaming laws and regulations. If possible, client would also like the attorney to assist them in drafting a template agreement to govern the ownership of recipe submissions and spell out the rules and requirements of the contest.