Meet our Intern-Samantha Speiss

By Mari Kraske | September 23, 2022
Samantha Speiss

-Can you tell us a little bit about you and why you chose to study law? My name is Samantha, and I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I am a graduate of the University of Southern California, where I received my bachelor’s degree in public relations. Living in Los Angeles enabled me to gain experience working in the entertainment industry, which ultimately led me to pursue my career in entertainment law. I was initially attracted to the prospect of combining the writing, and interpersonal…

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Copyright Enforcement in the Arts Gets Aid From New CASE Act

By PVLA Admin | March 3, 2020

To many artists, the prospect of enforcing one’s creative rights through the mechanism of copyright protection presents a number of challenges. While some of the enforcement issues plaguing copyright owners are a simple byproduct of progress—such as the need to police the web for online infringement or the proliferation of more-efficient technologies used in committing…

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Local lawyers resume leadership of Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

By PVLA Admin | December 4, 2019

A Big Win for Philadelphia’s arts and culture community. Philadelphia, PA (December 4, 2019) – Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (PVLA), a pro bono legal services organization serving emerging artists and arts organizations, announced today that after 10 years as a program of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s Arts and Business Council, it has…

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