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To request legal services, please follow the appropriate online application link below.  For more details on services available, please review the information contained on the page below, or contact one of our Legal Services Coordinator staff members today.

Free Legal Services

Speaker’s Bureau

PVLA allows arts and cultural organizations to engage some of the region’s preeminent legal minds for speaking engagements and presentations to their constituents or event attendees. These presentations can cover a wide variety of legal topics and issues. 


A consultation is a one-time-only telephone consultation (30 to 60 minutes) with an attorney to discuss an arts-related legal matter.

Full Service Representation

For matters that cannot be resolved via consultation, PVLA offers the opportunity to obtain referral to an attorney for Full Service Representation. In a Full Service case, the client is taken on as a pro bono client by a PVLA attorney for a limited scope of work established by PVLA through in-person meetings and discussions…

Who Qualifies For Pro Bono Services?

Who Qualifies For Pro Bono Services?