An attorney assigned to a client for a “pro bono” project through PVLA will provide legal services to the client on a volunteer basis, and will not charge any attorney’s fees for time spent working on the case by either that attorney or others at their firm. This pro bono service typically also covers minor incidental expenses incurred by the attorney or their firm as a result of representation, such as costs associated with document printing or postage.

However, where the client’s goals for a pro bono project require payment of any significant third-party expenses – such as filing fees, registration fees or court costs – the client will be held responsible for these expenses. Clients should ask their attorney about any anticipated third-party expenses for the project at the initial meeting in order to make a more informed decision about how the representation should proceed. For a complete list of all filings fees and costs, visit the USPTO’s Online Fee Schedule (PA Patent clients pay the Micro-entity fee).