To ensure that we remain true to our core mission of supporting the Philadelphia arts and cultural community, PVLA limits the types of cases and clients that we work with. The client must be an individual artist, arts collective, or arts & cultural nonprofit or for-profit organization with an “arts-related” legal issue.  PVLA defines the term “art” broadly to include both traditional artistic disciplines (e.g. fine art, music, dance, theater, film etc.) as well as more modern forms of creative expression (e.g. animation, game design, user experience, web design, etc.). The types of “arts-related” legal issues handled by PVLA attorneys is widely varied, with typical examples including:

  • Intellectual property registration and licensing;
  • Review, negotiation and drafting of recording, performance and publishing agreements;
  • Entity formation, governance and dissolution for arts & cultural nonprofits or small businesses; and
  • Dispute resolution or litigation