Joseph Berlin

“I reached-out to PVLA in early 2020 after a book led me to the United States Patent and Trademark Office pro bono programs website, which listed Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (PVLA) for legal support in the Philadelphia region.    

I had an existing patent that I wrote and submitted, but I received an office action in response to the submission. Upon receiving the response, I had an interview with a patent clerk but they still didn’t approve my submission.  

After letting it sit for a year, I was interested in seeing if someone could help me revive the patent and redraft the claims. Upon outreach to PVLA, I was connected with an attorney from Ballard Spahr who believed in my invention. He reworked all the claims into proper patent language, which allowed for my invention to finally receive patent approval. The initial attorney then connected me with a Ballard Spahr colleague who helped me with a continuation of the patent, currently undergoing review.  

I look forward to reengaging with PVLA for another patent in the near future.

Patent No. 10,598,799 B1, 03/24/2020

A Method for the directional discrimination of penetrating charged particles