Greetings PA Patent Volunteers!  

Thank you for your continued dedication and support of Pennsylvania’s innovation economy through Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts’ PA Patent program. 

Please see below for a list of available pro bono projects for inventors, and let us know whether you would be interested and available to take on one of these cases. If you are interested in taking on a pro bono assignment, please contact one of our Legal Service Coordinators at [email protected] to obtain further information If you have any questions about representing a pro bono PA Patent client, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Ryan Morris, at [email protected].

NOTE: attorneys should be sure to submit a volunteer application before signing on to take a pro bono case with PVLA.

Scope of Work

For all PA Patent cases, the scope of work will include the following: 

  1. Consultation to review patentability of Client’s invention given the prior art cited, and counsel Client about the costs and benefits of filing a provisional or non-provisional patent application; and 
  2. If applicable, representation of Client in filing a provisional or non-provisional patent application before the USPTO.   

Attorneys are not expected to represent clients after a final determination has been rendered on their USPTO application, or for any work related to appealing a final determination.

  • Project 26319: Client is a Philadelphia-based food delivery organization seeking to patent a vending machine system which enables consumers to complete transactions via text message.
  • Project 26339: Client is an individual inventor seeking to patent a device used to rewrap cigars.
  • Project 26364: Client is an inventor seeking to patent a mechanism allowing for interchangeable centerpieces and fixtures on jewelry and other embellishments.
  • Project 26449: Client is an inventor seeking to patent a headpiece that allows people to change their hairstyle by attaching or detaching different styles, colors or lengths of hair.
  • Project 26470: Client is an inventor seeking to patent a non-disposable garment protector designed to shield clothing from stains while eating and/or traveling in a vehicle.
  • Project 26497: Client is an inventor seeking to patent a design for a “Click & Go” magnetic bow tie and tie clip apparatus.
  • Project 26578: Client is an independent theater company seeking to patent a software application allowing multiple people to rehearse scenes by simulcasting a teleprompter to several mobile devices and computer screens at once and syncing to sound and lighting cues.
  • Project 26687: Client is an inventor seeking a non-provisional patent on a multi-purpose kitchen countertop appliance, which features 10-15 different functions.
  • Project 26709: Client is a student inventor seeking to patent a lifelike 3D model of the human uterus to be used as a medical teaching device for surgeons practicing cesarean section operations.
  • Project 26754: Client is an inventor seeking to file a continuation-in-part for a patent he obtained on a fabric adhesive patch to allow for the incorporation of 3-D printed objects.
  • Project 26760: Client is an inventor seeking to patent a new type of prosthetic eyebrow using a silicone polymer base with designs in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Project 26841: Client is an inventor seeking to patent a chemical composition used in exfoliating and destroying biofilm.
  • Project 26851: Client is an inventor seeking to continue prosecution of her non-provisional patent for a disposable cloth ear cleaner to be worn on the finger.
  • Project 26856: Client is an inventor seeking a non-provisional patent for flavored glycerin mouth swabs used on hospital patients requiring tube feeding.
  • Project 26868: Client is an inventor seeking a patentability review of her invention for a heat resistant, anti-scratch, video game console base to enable increased air flow and prevent over-heating.
  • Project 26887: Client is an inventor seeking to patent a process for breaking down jicama root into various textures and consistencies, enabling it to be adapted for a wide range of uses.
  • Project 26906: Client is an inventor seeking to patent a design for furniture that features elements intended to hold various electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.