Jonathan Bradley – Executive Director

PVLA connected us with a wonderful attorney who worked on an intellectual property issue related to a $400,000 international collaboration. Our attorney was incredibly helpful and gave us a wealth of useful advice and perspective.   

It was a pleasure to work with someone who clearly cares about the arts in Philadelphia. Prior to our project, our attorney did pro bono work for other Philadelphia based arts organizations. We were tremendously appreciative of his experience, high quality work, and the time he gave to significantly help our organization.   

Lawyers are expensive, and our partnership with PVLA helped us during a key time of transition. In part, due to the success of this project, The Crossing established itself internationally as one of America’s leading contemporary music ensembles. As we continue to develop similar large-scale, genre-bending choral music projects, we’re grateful to PVLA for showing us how The Crossing can ensure our collaborations are consistently productive, transparent, and mutually beneficial by properly caring for our intellectual property.