Greetings PVLA Volunteers!  

Thank you for your continued dedication and support of the creative community through Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.  As the world collectively seeks to respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic, PVLA is continuing to aid artists and arts organizations across the Philadelphia region.  Now more than ever, it is essential that we as a community come together to help those in need.  

Please see below for a list of available pro bono projects for artists and arts organizations, and let us know whether you would be interested and available to take on one of these cases. If you are interested in taking on a pro bono assignment, please contact one of our Legal Service Coordinators at [email protected] to obtain further information If you have any questions about representing a pro bono PVLA or PA Patent client, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Ryan Morris, at [email protected].

NOTE: attorneys should be sure to submit a volunteer application before signing on to take a pro bono case with PVLA.



  • Project 26457: Client is an independent rap/hip-hop artist seeking an attorney to review his agreement with a music distribution company.
  • Project 27161: Client is an independent singer/songwriter seeking an attorney to provide review and consultation regarding termination of a distribution agreement signed with his former record label.
  • Project 27076: Client is a nonprofit curatorial org. that supports artists with developmental or learning disabilities in disseminating their works through online and print publications. Client is seeking an attorney to draft a template licensing agreement for use with their artists, and to offer advice and consultation on ways to deal with issues of contracting capacity.

Dispute Resolution 

  • Project 26537: Client is the Community Outreach Chair of a local arts organization seeking counsel and assistance in pursuing a possible defamation suit for an allegedly false Protection From Abuse order issued against her by her husband. 


Intellectual Property 

  • Project 26925: Client is an independent filmmaker seeking assistance in negotiating and securing a licensing agreement for her latest production about sexual violence awareness with a national anti-sexual violence nonprofit. Client also seeks legal consultation regarding the submission of her film to various domestic and international film festivals.
  • Project 27081: Client is a nonprofit modern dance repertory company seeking a one-time legal consultation regarding the proper use of copyrighted musical works in a virtual performance piece.
  • Project 27105: Client is an independent musician seeking counsel and assistance in negotiations with a music production company to have her music removed  from their website and streaming platforms. Alternatively, Client would like the attorney to assist her in renegotiating a previously-drafted, unexecuted licensing agreement with the organization to amend the terms of their streaming. 


  • Project 26965: Client is a fiscally-sponsored cinema arts organization with a mission to engage diverse audiences through globally-minded contemporary and repertory independent film programming. Client is seeking an attorney to counsel and assist them in terminating their agreement with their fiscal sponsor and incorporate as a separate independent nonprofit entity.


Real Estate 

  • Project 26703: Client is a sculptor looking to convert her property into an AirBNB and wants to obtain an attorney to make sure she is paying the appropriate taxes and obtains the appropriate licensing, etc. 


Small Business

  •  Project 27104: Client is an independent narrative filmmaker seeking a consultation with an attorney to determine whether she should establish an LLC to house her latest film project, and to determine how that might impact existing relationships between her and the cast/crew.