Greetings PVLA Volunteers!  

Thank you for your continued dedication and support of the creative community through Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.  As the world collectively seeks to respond to the global COVID-19 pandemic, PVLA is continuing to aid artists and arts organizations across the Philadelphia region.  Now more than ever, it is essential that we as a community come together to help those in need.  

Please see below for a list of available pro bono projects for artists and arts organizations, and let us know whether you would be interested and available to take on one of these cases. If you are interested in taking on a pro bono assignment, please contact one of our Legal Service Coordinators at [email protected] to obtain further information If you have any questions about representing a pro bono PVLA or PA Patent client, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Ryan Morris, at [email protected].

NOTE: attorneys should be sure to submit a volunteer application before signing on to take a pro bono case with PVLA.



  • Project 27099: Client is an independent filmmaker seeking assistance in negotiating and drafting release agreements with the estates of various historical figures and owners of various locations featured and portrayed in their latest film project.  


COVID-19 Relief

  • Project 26943: Client is the sole proprietor of a small art show and custom framing business seeking assistance in filing for unemployment assistance or other financial relief options available to her.


Dispute Resolution 

  • Project 26537: Client is the Community Outreach Chair of a local arts organization seeking counsel and assistance in pursuing a possible defamation suit for an allegedly false Protection From Abuse order issued against her by her husband. 


Intellectual Property 

  • Project 26825: Client is the daughter of two prominent Philadelphia Jazz musicians seeking assistance in obtaining copyright ownership and control of her mother’s music catalog.
  • Project 26925: Client is an independent filmmaker seeking assistance in negotiating and securing a licensing agreement for her latest production about sexual violence awareness with a national anti-sexual violence nonprofit. Client also seeks legal consultation regarding the submission of her film to various domestic and international film festivals.
  • Project 27008: Client is an individual writer and filmmaker seeking consultation and assistance from an attorney regarding requests from two former co-producers to give up her share of ownership rights in a short film that the three of them created together. Client may also require assistance in negotiating with these co-producers to determine her share of royalties from a potential licensing deal.
  • Project 27081: Client is a nonprofit modern dance repertory company seeking a one-time legal consultation regarding the proper use of copyrighted musical works in a virtual performance piece.
  • Project 27121: Client is the director of a fiscally-sponsored theater company focused on telling stories of marginalized and underserved communities. Client is seeking an attorney to draft an assignment agreement to share rights with a non-creative co-producer and partner on a film that was recently developed through her organization about the relations between police and people of color.



  • Project 26993: Client is an architect and filmmaker seeking a consultation regarding incorporation of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for his latest film project.
  • Project 27003: Client runs an organization dedicated to the development of youth leaders through performing arts, social advocacy, and community stewardship. Client is seeking assistance to incorporate her organization as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, and to draft a set of bylaws for the organization’s board.


Real Estate 

  • Project 26703: Client is a sculptor looking to convert her property into an AirBNB and wants to obtain an attorney to make sure she is paying the appropriate taxes and obtains the appropriate licensing, etc. 


Small Business

  • Project 27026: Client is a small LLC art gallery seeking review, revision and renewal of the operating agreement between the two current co-owners, as well as drafting and execution of a joinder agreement to add a third co-owner for the purposes of obtaining female/minority-owned business certification. 
  • Project 27066: Client is an independent small business owner seeking assistance in dissolving his current LLC formerly dedicated to education in composition, drawing and painting. 


Speaking Engagements

  • Project 27007: Client is a nonprofit arts education institution seeking an attorney to give a one-hour presentation to its faculty and continuing education class members on the subject of copyright law as it specifically pertains to arts educator curriculums and course materials prepared for digital platforms such as YouTube and Zoom.  


Trusts & Estates

  • Project 26963: Client is an individual photographer seeking assistance in verifying and enforcing the validity of a Power of Attorney document drafted by a deceased colleague and friend of his bestowing authority on the Client to direct the disposition of his friend’s collection of photographic works.