PVLA Winter Newsletter 2021

I am thrilled by the opportunity to participate in the re-invention of an organization that does so much to uplift the artists and arts organizations whose gifts enrich our lives. These unconventional thinkers, do-ers, and makers need the support of PVLA now more than ever, and we can help meet their increased demand for critical services by finding new ways to serve, including through transformative collaborations with law firms and other stakeholders in the arts.

Transformation begins from within, and, in addition to aligning behind new strategic priorities, PVLA has some exciting changes in store. The imminent launch of a new website, our upcoming relocation to a warm and welcoming Center City office space, our recent hiring of two new staff members with deep connections to the Philadelphia arts and cultural sector, and a new tagline –WE EMPOWER ARTISTS– that reflects our shared goal are just the beginning.

I invite you to read our full Winter Newsletter HERE.

Philadelphia’s creative sector has been battered by the Covid pandemic, yet remains resilient and optimistic. As the city’s cultural community continues to emerge from the shadows of this challenging time, we must remind them that PVLA is here to support them.

Thank you for your continued engagement with PVLA. I look forward to co-writing with you our next chapters. 





Ken Metzner

Executive Director, PVLA


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