Mark Holmes is an inventor and a PVLA client. His recent patent-pending invention, THE BEAUTIFUL MIRROR™ (TBM), had him request the service of a PVLA volunteer lawyer as he needed assistance in applying for a provisional patent. Mark teamed up with Dean Geibel of SAMTEC, Inc., who believed in his invention and its mission to help improve the self-esteem of young children.

With a longstanding interest in psychology, coupled with years spent working with children (as an elementary school assistant teacher, employee of the Philadelphia Department of Recreation summer camp programs, and neighborhood youth corp), TBM is the culmination of Mark’s passion to bring smiles to the faces of children and assist them in developing positive self-esteem.

Mark has spent several years bringing his concept of TBM to life. He conducted surveys, spoke to professionals, and visited the Department of Psychology at Temple University in order to gain feedback. His findings show that poor self-esteem issues can be corrected or mitigated through constant, consistent, and positive messaging.

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TBM features interactive audio programs that expand on the “basic mirror technique.”

Repeat After Me/Affirmations That Rhyme is a series of easy-to-follow, easy-to-remember affirmations that helps children counter negativity in the world around them.

Songs and Fairy Tales gives a child the choice of listening to inspiring songs or fairy tales.

Laugh Out Loud Humor uses knock-knock jokes and humorous phrases.

Calming Bedtimes and Lullabies provides listening selections that can prepare children for sleep.

“[TBM] can help children combat negativity and create better mental and emotional health and well-being that will carry them through their teenage years and adulthood,” says Mark.

Mark currently has a GoFundMe in order to commission a 20” proof-of-manufacturing prototype of TBM. If you wish to contribute, please click HERE.

We asked Mark’s lawyer, Dean Geibel, about his work with Mark on TBM.

What drew you to Mark’s request for services?   

Every child is born with great potential.  Unfortunate children are robbed of their potential by a caretaker who is abusive, deceitful, or addled by significant substance abuse or personality disorders.  Mark’s illuminated, talking mirror is purposely designed to build self-esteem in those unfortunate children.  In short, Mark’s idea sold itself.  Mark’s vision also directly coincides with the vision of Samtec Cares, a philanthropic arm of my employer, Samtec, Inc.  Samtec Cares donated grants to PVLA and to B.A.Y.A, a non-profit with a mission to, “give a safe place to the girls who may not fit in or that are looked at differently.” 

As a lawyer, what impact do you believe lawyers who volunteer for PVLA can have on our region’s creative community?  

First, I am a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and a patent attorney.  Neither of these things would have happened if I did not receive help from the right people at the right time.  Similarly, volunteer lawyers are uniquely qualified to now be ‘the right people at the right time’ for local creators.  Second, success begets success.  If a volunteer lawyer helps a creator make more money or increase the EBITDA of an existing business, then others are also motivated to create.  Continuous innovation fulfills the promise of Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the US Constitution, which benefits everyone. 

If you are interested in volunteering for PVLA, please visit us at to fill out a Volunteer Application.

*Images purchased and designed by Billy Harvey.