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Alexa Hill

Alexa (Lexi) Hill is a rising second year student at Widener University Delaware Law School and she has always been passionate about advocating. In her early career as a journalist and then as a marketing and business operations professional, she was able to channel that trait by writing compelling stories and marketing them in today’s digital landscape. Now, she hopes to apply those skills to a legal career in protecting creators’ and brands’ intellectual property.

While Lexi doesn’t have a traditional arts background, she often finds herself in creative spaces. She is inspired by the iterative process of design. From more traditional forms of art to innovative ways of expression like NFTs, there’s always a new challenge to tackle!

Lexi is really looking forward to learning more about the substantive law behind copyright, licensing, and trademarks, as well as being able to make an impact in burgeoning creatives’ processes. Whether it be drafting agreements to protect clients’ IP rights to litigating civil matters, her dream is to collaborate with a team that’s passionate about creators’ rights.