Grace Kent

Grace Kent is from Mechanicsburg, PA and went to Temple University where she studied Strategic Communications with a concentration in Rhetoric and Public Advocacy. She had a lot of great experiences working in government and public service and decided to go to law school to make a difference in the world. She is currently a 2L at Drexel Law where she is a member of the Intellectual Property Law Society and she also volunteers at the Family Court Help Center. 

Grace is looking forward to meeting more clients and hearing about all their ventures. Her dream job is working in-house for a media company while also supporting artists with pro bono services.

“Our clients are so inspirational and make me want to get more into the Philadelphia arts scene,” says Grace.

Professional Picture Melloy 2

Jack Melloy is  a mechanical engineer and a second year law student at Drexel University’s Kline School of Law.  When he’s not in class, volunteering, or burning the midnight oil, you’ll probably find him running on the Schuylkill river trail or on a hike in Wissahickon park with his wife, Leslie, and their miniature labradoodle, Luna.  He decided to go to law school because he has always been fascinated by the inventive process, and wanted to advocate for inventors as they bring their creations to the world.

While Jack doesn’t have any formal training in the arts, he has been playing the guitar since he was twelve years old, and also has a passion for musical theater production. 

Jack is looking forward to meeting the creative people of Philadelphia and helping them grow their businesses and protect their creations. His dream job in law would be as a patent litigator working as in house counsel for a renewal energy company.  Spurring innovation in green energy is vital to solving our current environmental crisis, and Jack wants to be an advocate for inventors who create those solutions.