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Nathan Ezzo

Nathan Ezzo was born and raised in Jenkintown, PA. For undergrad, he went to Temple where he studied finance and Spanish. He now studies at Temple Law. He is a musician and lover of art in general, and loves all kinds of music, mostly rock, blues, bluegrass/folk, and funk. He plays piano, guitar, sax, and sings. During his undergrad days at Temple, he was in two a cappella groups and a band.

Nathan chose to study law because he is generally frustrated by the system, and wants to enable himself to be the change he wants to see in the world. He also wants to enhance his professional credentials and expand his professional options. 

Nathan is looking forward to learning about the variety of legal needs faced by local artists, and to supporting the arts and culture in his city. He hopes to use what he learns this semester throughout his career, at least through pro bono opportunities he may engage in.

As far as his dream job, he has had dreams of being a musician or an environmental engineer, but he will be starting his recently realized dream job at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office in September. (However, his real dream job is to be retired and working pro-bono for causes he believes in!)

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Marissa Meyers

Marissa is from New Jersey and moved to Washington D.C. for undergrad to study at The George Washington University, later moving  to Philly for law school. Marissa is currently a 3L at Temple Law. She has always had an interest in studying law, and decided to apply to law school to pursue a career in Sports and Entertainment law. When Marissa is not studying or working, she loves to try new restaurants, go on walks throughout the city, and travel.

Marissa is excited to learn about the different types of cases and subject areas within entertainment law, as she gets the chance to work on more cases and with more clients. She is grateful for the opportunity to work directly with clients and gain experience communicating with and interviewing them.

Marissa’s dream job would be to eventually work in-house with a professional sports team or in-house at a music, media, or tv firm like Sony or MTV.