Natalie Poirier is originally from Gloucester County, New Jersey. She attended Rowan University, earning a BA in English, and Drexel University, earning a MS in Arts Administration. She has a background in the performing arts; participating in musicals and plays in high school, and playing the trumpet in marching band, concert band, and jazz band. 

Before deciding to go to law school, Natalie worked at various Philadelphia-based arts nonprofits including the Philadelphia Orchestra, Philadelphia Ballet, and Moore College of Art & Design. 

A class of 2023 student at Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, Natalie has always been interested in the law and the political process. She decided to study law because she enjoyed the intellectual rigor from reading cases prior to law school and wanted to become a better advocate. Her dream law job would be to work in-house at a major performing arts nonprofit and she is looking forward to getting back into the art world. With this position at PVLA, Natalie is excited to get direct client exposure and assist artists in a new way.


Jacob Friedman grew up taking piano lessons and playing rock and roll guitar and drums, which directly translated to his undergraduate studies in the music industry program at USC. While he can play piano and guitar fairly well, he self-admittedly lacks the creative capacity to write and perform on his own but has tremendous respect (and envy) for those that do. Thus, he decided to dedicate his life to protecting those creatives as he doesn’t believe artists and songwriters should have to worry about anything other than honing their craft. To Jacob, law school was the logical step toward that goal.

 While Jacob was at USC, he felt he was already part of the industry–even as a student. He was intertwined with a rich community of artists and songwriters there, with whom he was directly involved with. Since coming home to Philadelphia and attending law school at Temple, he is looking forward to once again connecting directly with creatives through his internship with PLVA.

Jacob sees himself working in-house somewhere after he graduates, with a company or firm that places values of transparency and fairness at the forefront, and that has an artists-first mentality.

Stay tuned for February’s The Monthly Update where we will introduce you a few of our other new interns!